Our Approach

Careful observation and understanding in the early stages of a project allows for unusual insights and behaviours to be uncovered. This allows for a distinct approach to each individual project and leads to design outcomes that push the boundaries of a brand and the sector in which they operate.

We work mostly in the following areas but are always open to new challenges.


Not only do we create strong visual identities, we also work alongside you to define your brand’s narrative and help discover the values at the heart of your business.


From books to brochures, magazines to reports, large scale infographics to exhibition stands, our print offering is broad.


We design and build beautiful and easy to navigate websites amongst other digital applications and data systems.


We partner with people from different disciplines. These include product and interior designers, copywriters and strategic consultants amongst others.

Additional services that differentiate us as a studio.

Contextual Frameworks

At the hide we take the time to study your business and reflect upon what insights we could use to improve your communications.

We analyse the purpose and potential of your annual report based on user engagement and depth of content. What if the content you write for your report could not only fulfil regulatory requirements but also be repurposed to engage both your current investors and potential future ones in a unique and interesting way?

Speculative Analysis

In today’s fast paced and ever changing digital world it can be hard to stay relevant for the here and now, nevermind the future.

At the hide we offer a research package which provides insights into current trends shaping your industry and the surrounding global context. We then cater this to your brand and provide an outlook of speculative scenarios and how your brand could react and respond.

If you would like to find out more about either of these offerings please get in touch for more details.

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